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Starter Wall Ties

Starter Wall Ties


Starter Tries are used where new walls are being built directly from existing brickwork. Sizes 150mm and above have a drip feature for use where there is a cavity and a new wall needs to be built.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Stainless Steel
SSTStarter Tie1304
SST150Starter Tie1504
SST180Starter Tie1804
SST200Starter Tie2004
SST225Starter Tie2254
SST275Starter Tie2754
• Stainless Steel.
• Supplied complete with nylon plug.
• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.

• Plug and screw into existing masonry then build into the new wall.
• Refer to literature for full installation guidelines.