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Housing Ties

Housing Ties


Type 4 Light Duty Ties offer a practical and cost effective solution for masonry cavity walls in box form domestic dwellings of up to two storeys or a maximum 10m in height.

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• Multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity.
• The design means that the tie can be installed either way up.
• Fully tested to BS EN846-5:2000, the ties meet the requirements of BS EN 845-1:2003 and DD140: Part 2. They will also meet the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations for a Type A in party walls of any height.
• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.
• For full specification please refer to literature sheet.

Selection of Cavity Wall Ties

There are a number of publications which contain the relevant information in selecting the correct wall tie and which take into account factors such as masonry type, cavity width, type and height of building and location.

• Eurocode 6 - Design of Masonry Structures (BS EN 1996-1-1:2005).
• BS EN 845-1:2003 Specification for ancillary components for masonry - Part 1: Ties, tension straps, hangers and brackets.
• PD 6697:2010 Recommendations for the design of masonry structures to BS EN 1996-1-1 and BS EN 1996-2.
• BS5628 Code of practice for the use of masonry (now withdrawn - refer to PD6697).
• Approved document E: Resistance to the passage of sound.
• BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 Wind Speeds.

• Please refer to literature sheets for details of installation.