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Girder Truss Shoe

Girder Truss Shoes


The GTS is for supporting Truss Rafters, fully adjustable for depths between 100 to 225mm. The TECO Mini GTS is for short span, mono or in-fill trusses 100mm deep.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Value (kN) for
Eurocode 5
Safe Working Load for BS5268 (kN)
Short TermMedium TermLong Term
Pre Galvanised Steel - 1.2mm
GTS38Woody Girder Truss Shoe383008517.458.738.317.27
GTS50Woody Girder Truss Shoe503008517.458.738.317.27
GTS63Woody Girder Truss Shoe633008517.458.738.317.27
GTS76Woody Girder Truss Shoe763008517.458.738.317.27
GTS100Woody Girder Truss Shoe1003008517.458.738.317.27
MGTS38Mini Girder Truss Shoe3810085----
MGTS50Mini Girder Truss Shoe5030085----
• Tag on the base of the hanger to help avoid rotation and aid fast, accurate location. The tag can easily be bent if not required.
• Increased bearing.

• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.
• Tested by CERAM Research Ltd Notification Body No.1289.

• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.

• All holes should be nailed using 30 x 3.75 square twist nails or equivalent.