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Timber Connector Tools

Timber Connector Tools


Tools to cut precision grooves or recesses (daps) for Split Ring and Shear Plate Connectors. The tools consist of a pilot, cutting blades and a depth gauge and can be used with a standard portable drill or drill press. Spare cutter sets are sold separately.

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CodeProductSuitable for diameter (mm)Pilot (mm)
Shear Plate Tools
TSP67Shear Plate Tool6721.5
TSP67CShear Plate (Spare Cutter Set)67-
TSP102Shear Plate Tool10221.5
TSP102CShear Plate (Spare Cutter Set)102-
SRTCSS102Split Ring Connector (St/St)102
Split Ring Tools
TSR64Split Ring 64mm Tool6412
TSR64CSplit Ring (Spare Cutter Set)64-
TSR102Split Ring Tool10221.5
TSR102CSplit Ring (Spare Cutter Set)102-
• Manufactured from tool steel.

• Use with a standard portable drill or drill press.
• Ensure depth gauges are set before installation.