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Stud Connectors

Stud Connectors


Stud Connectors for joining studding end to end.

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Bright Zinc Plated (BZP)
SCBZPM6Stud ConnectorM6
SCBZPM8Stud ConnectorM8
SCBZPM10Stud ConnectorM10
SCBZPM12Stud ConnectorM12
SCBZPM16Stud ConnectorM16
Spun Galvanised
SCGM12Stud ConnectorM12
SCGM16Stud ConnectorM16
SCGM20Stud ConnectorM20
SCGM24Stud ConnectorM24
SCGM30Stud ConnectorM30
• Available in two finishes, bright zinc plated or galvanised.
• Bright zinc plated.

• Hot dipped spun galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009.
• Tapped oversize to accommodate studding.

• Simply screw studding into the connector.