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Heavy Duty Restraint Straps

Heavy Duty Restraint Straps


Heavy Duty Restraint Straps are generally for horizontal applications providing lateral restraint of roof trusses, rafters and joists tied to masonry. Designed to The Building Regulations BS 5268 Part 3 and other building standards for lateral restraint.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Overall length including bend or twistLength of bend or twist
Edge Coated Galvanised Steel - 4mm
HD400B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent400100
HD600B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent600100
HD600B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent600150
HD800B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent800100
HD800B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent800150
HD900B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent900100
HD900B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent900150
HD1000B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent1000100
HD1000B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent1000150
HD1200B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent1200100
HD1200B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent1200150
HD1300B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent1300100
HD1300B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent1300150
HD1400B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent1400150
HD1500B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent1500100
HD1500B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent1500150
HD1600B100Heavy Duty Galv Bent1600100
HD1600B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent1600150
HD1800B150Heavy Duty Galv Bent1800150
Stainless Steel - 4mm
HDSS600B100Heavy Duty Stainless Bent600100
HDSS900B100Heavy Duty Stainless Bent900100
HDSS1000B100Heavy Duty Stainless Bent1000100
HDSS1200B100Heavy Duty Stainless Bent1200100
HDSS1600B100Heavy Duty Stainless Bent1600100
Product Dimensions (mm)
Overall lengthLength of bend or twist
Edge Coated Galvanised Steel - 4mm
HD300FHeavy Duty Galv Flat300-
HD400FHeavy Duty Galv Flat400-
HD600FHeavy Duty Galv Flat600-
HD800FHeavy Duty Galv Flat800-
HD1000FHeavy Duty Galv Flat1000-
HD1200FHeavy Duty Galv Flat1200-
HD1300FHeavy Duty Galv Flat1300-
HD1400FHeavy Duty Galv Flat1400-
HD1500FHeavy Duty Galv Flat1500-
HD1600FHeavy Duty Galv Flat1600-
HD1800FHeavy Duty Galv Flat1800-
HD2000FHeavy Duty Galv Flat2000-
HD3000FHeavy Duty Galv Flat3000-
HD3600FHeavy Duty Galv Flat3600-
HD4000FHeavy Duty Galv Flat4000-
Stainless Steel
HDSS600FHeavy Duty Stainless Flat600-
HDSS900FHeavy Duty Stainless Flat900-
HDSS1000FHeavy Duty Stainless Flat1000-
HDSS1200FHeavy Duty Stainless Flat1200-
HDSS1600FHeavy Duty Stainless Flat1600-
Product Dimensions (mm)
Overall length including twistLength of twist
Edge Coated Galvanised Steel - 4mm
HD400T100Heavy Duty Galv Twisted400100
HD600T100Heavy Duty Galv Twisted600100
HD800T100Heavy Duty Galv Twisted800100
HD1000T100Heavy Duty Galv Twisted1000100
HD1000T150Heavy Duty Galv Twisted1000150
HD1200T100Heavy Duty Galv Twisted1200100
HD1200T150Heavy Duty Galv Twisted1200150
HD1400T100Heavy Duty Galv Twisted1400100
HD1500T150Heavy Duty Galv Twisted1500150
HD1600T100Heavy Duty Galv Twisted1600100
Stainless Steel
HDSS600T100Heavy Duty Stainless Twisted600100
HDSS900T100Heavy Duty Stainless Twisted900100
HDSS1000T100Heavy Duty Stainless Twisted1000100
HDSS1200T100Heavy Duty Stainless Twisted1200100
HDSS1600T100Heavy Duty Stainless Twisted1600100
Product Dimensions (mm)
Overall length including bend & twistLength of bendDistance between bend & twist
Edge Coated Galvanised Steel - 4mm
HD600B150T100Heavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted600150100
HD800B150T100Heavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted800150100
HD1000B100THeavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted1000100100
HD1000B150T100Heavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted1000150100
HD1200B100THeavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted1200100100
HD1200B150T100Heavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted1200150100
HD1400B150T100Heavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted1400150100
HD1600B150THeavy Duty Galv Bent & Twisted1600150100
• Standard stock sizes are listed but straps can be ordered to any length up to 15m.
• Holed 6mm at 25mm offset centres.
• Available in galvanised & stainless steel.
• Edge coated galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z600.
• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.

When used as a lateral restraint:

• Use min 7no. 3.75x30mm square twist nails or equivalent fixed to timber joists/rafters.

Stainless Steel
• Use min 7no. 3.75x30mm annular ring shank stainless steel nails or equivalent fixed to timber joists/rafters.

• Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used, i.e. do not use galvanised fixings with stainless steel products or vice versa.