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Universal Cavity Closer

Universal Cavity Closer


Universal Closers for eliminating damp and ‘cold bridging’ around doors, windows and sills.


· To close the cavity at external doors, window jambs and sills.  

· To provide thermal insulation.  

· To provide a DPC at external doors, window jambs or sills. 

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• Provides an effective DPC and thermal barrier between frame, inner and outer wall leaf.
• Exceeds the minimum thermal resistance path of 0.45m2K/W stipulated in robust details ‘limited thermal bridging and air leakage’.
• Rigid profile extrusion allows both first and second fix.
• Components available to make up on-site frame formers.
• Suitable for all frame and sill positions.
• Integrated and flexible water strip to reduce air leakage.
• Durable and resistant to decay.
• Simple on-site trimming to cope with rogue cavity widths.
• Low ECO Points rating.
• 2.4m Cavity Closer.
• Packs of 10.