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Polyester Styrene free Resin designed to aid and add strength when using anchors or fixings, threaded stud installation, internal threaded sockets and rebar. Suitable for use in brickwork, most natural stone & concrete. 300ml tubes supplied with mixer nozzle.

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CodeThread Diameter (mm)Hole Size (mm)Embedment Depth (mm)Centre Spacing (mm)Edge Distance (mm)Structure Thickness (mm)Rec. Tensile Resistance (kN)Rec. Shear Resistance (kN)Rec. Tightening Torque Resistance (Nm)
• Supplied with mixer nozzle.
• Styrene free.
•Styrene free.
•Expansion free.
•Easy to dispense.
•Close spacing and edge distance.

• Drill correct diameter hole.
•Clean the hole with a steel brush.
•Blow out the debris.
•Unscrew cap.
•Cut below the clip of inner bag.
•Screw on mixing nozzle.
•Extrude first 10cm of resin to waste until even colour is achieved. •Studs should be free from oil and rust. For hollow walls insert the correct size sleeve first. Inject resin into hole 2/3rds full. Insert the stud in a rotating action to cover the thread. Wipe off excess resin. Load the fixture only after full cure.
•Replace the cap after use and use a fresh nozzle for repeat uses.