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Welded Masonry Joist Hangers

Welded Masonry Joist Hangers


The WM Welded Masonry Joist Hangers are designed to support timber joists built in to brick or block walls with a minimum crushing strength of 3.5N/mm. They are also suitable for many timber to timber applications by fixing the masonry flange securely to the timber or to steel beams using appropriate fixings.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Characteristic Value (kN) for Eurocode 6Safe Working Load for BS5628 (kN)
Pre Galvanised Steel - 2.4mm
WM44X100Welded Masonry Hanger441006.73.5
WM44X125Welded Masonry Hanger441256.73.5
WM44X150Welded Masonry Hanger441406.73.5
WM44X175Welded Masonry Hanger441656.73.5
WM44X200Welded Masonry Hanger441906.73.5
WM44X225Welded Masonry Hanger442156.73.5
WM44X250Welded Masonry Hanger442406.73.5
WM44X275Welded Masonry Hanger442656.73.5
WM44X300Welded Masonry Hanger442906.73.5
WM50X100Welded Masonry Hanger501006.73.5
WM50X125Welded Masonry Hanger501256.73.5
WM50X150Welded Masonry Hanger501406.73.5
WM50X175Welded Masonry Hanger501656.73.5
WM50X200Welded Masonry Hanger501906.73.5
WM50X225Welded Masonry Hanger502156.73.5
WM50X250Welded Masonry Hanger502406.73.5
WM50X275Welded Masonry Hanger502656.73.5
WM50X300Welded Masonry Hanger502906.73.5
WM63X100Welded Masonry Hanger631006.73.5
WM63X125Welded Masonry Hanger631256.73.5
WM63X150Welded Masonry Hanger631406.73.5
WM63X175Welded Masonry Hanger631656.73.5
WM63X200Welded Masonry Hanger631906.73.5
WM63X225Welded Masonry Hanger632156.73.5
WM63X250Welded Masonry Hanger632406.73.5
WM63X275Welded Masonry Hanger632656.73.5
WM63X300Welded Masonry Hanger632906.73.5
WM75X100Welded Masonry Hanger751006.73.5
WM75X125Welded Masonry Hanger751256.73.5
WM75X150Welded Masonry Hanger751406.73.5
WM75X175Welded Masonry Hanger751656.73.5
WM75X200Welded Masonry Hanger751906.73.5
WM75X225Welded Masonry Hanger752156.73.5
WM75X250Welded Masonry Hanger752406.73.5
WM75X275Welded Masonry Hanger752656.73.5
WM75X300Welded Masonry Hanger752906.73.5
WM90X100Welded Masonry Hanger901006.73.5
WM90X125Welded Masonry Hanger901256.73.5
WM90X150Welded Masonry Hanger901406.73.5
WM90X175Welded Masonry Hanger901656.73.5
WM90X200Welded Masonry Hanger901906.73.5
WM90X225Welded Masonry Hanger902156.73.5
WM90X250Welded Masonry Hanger902406.73.5
WM90X275Welded Masonry Hanger902656.73.5
WM90X300Welded Masonry Hanger902906.73.5
WM100X100Welded Masonry Hanger1001006.73.5
WM100X125Welded Masonry Hanger1001256.73.5
WM100X150Welded Masonry Hanger1001406.73.5
WM100X175Welded Masonry Hanger1001656.73.5
WM100X200Welded Masonry Hanger1001906.73.5
WM100X225Welded Masonry Hanger1002156.73.5
WM100X250Welded Masonry Hanger1002406.73.5
WM100X275Welded Masonry Hanger1002656.73.5
WM100X300 Welded Masonry Hanger1002906.73.5
WM125X100Welded Masonry Hanger1251006.73.5
WM125X125Welded Masonry Hanger1251256.73.5
WM125X150Welded Masonry Hanger1251406.73.5
WM125X175Welded Masonry Hanger1251656.73.5
WM125X200Welded Masonry Hanger1251906.73.5
WM125X225Welded Masonry Hanger1252156.73.5
WM132X150Welded Masonry Hanger1321406.73.5
WM132X200Welded Masonry Hanger1321906.73.5
WM132X225Welded Masonry Hanger1322156.73.5
WM150X150Welded Masonry Hanger1501406.73.5
WM150X175Welded Masonry Hanger1501656.73.5
WM150X200Welded Masonry Hanger1501906.73.5
WM150X225Welded Masonry Hanger1502156.73.5
Stainless Steel
WMSS50X100Welded Masonry Hanger501006.73.5
WMSS50X125Welded Masonry Hanger501256.73.5
WMSS50X150Welded Masonry Hanger501406.73.5
WMSS50X175Welded Masonry Hanger501656.73.5
WMSS50X200Welded Masonry Hanger501906.73.5
WMSS50X225Welded Masonry Hanger502156.73.5
WMSS100X150Welded Masonry Hanger1001406.73.5
WMSS100X175Welded Masonry Hanger1001656.73.5
WMSS100X200Welded Masonry Hanger1001906.73.5
WMSS100X225Welded Masonry Hanger1002156.73.5
Product Dimensions (mm)
Safe Working Load with Various Types of Masonry
Pre Galvanised - 2mm
BI38X100Masonry Joist Hanger381003.082.672.843.13
BI38X125Masonry Joist Hanger381253.212.863.063.55
BI38X150Masonry Joist Hanger381403.
BI38X175Masonry Joist Hanger381653.43.253.414.22
BI38X200Masonry Joist Hanger381903.523.443.644.63
BI38X225Masonry Joist Hanger382153.653.633.875.05
All values are derived in line with EN 845-1:2013 based on a declared value of 7kN
• Flexibility of design means as well as the standard sizes shown the WM can be manufactured in any size to order.
• 2.4mm thick.
• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.
• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.
• Tested by CERAM Research Ltd Notification Body No.1289.
• Manufactured to EN 845-1:2013.

• The back plate of the hanger should lie flat against the vertical masonry support.
• Masonry flange should have a minimum of 3 courses (675mm masonry) above.
• Both supporting and above masonry should be allowed to mature before any load is applied.
• Joist should be square cut and sit tight to the back of the hanger - maximum gap permitted is 6mm.
• Nail the side flanges with 30 x 3.75mm galvanised square twist nails or equivalent.
• To provide lateral restraint HD Straps should be used.
• The masonry flange should always be securely fixed or adequately embedded and should never be placed in dry slots.
• Use appropriate fixings.
• Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used, i.e. do not use galvanised fixings with stainless steel products or vice versa.
• Use correct strength mortar as per British Standard.