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Multi Functional Face Fix Hangers

Multi Functional Face Fix


Our range of Face Fix Joist Hangers are designed for applications where additional strength is required or where access to the top of the timber or steel is not available. This range can be nailed or bolted. All values are given based on all nail holes being used, for bolting values please refer to the bolt manufacturers guidelines. The hanger should be a minimum of over half (60%) the depth of the supported member to avoid rotation.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Number of nails (30 x 3.75)
Characteristic Value (kN) for Eurocode 5Short TermMedium TermLong Term
Pre Galvanised SteelSquare Twist
MFM38Multi Functional Mini38101108----
MFM44Multi Functional Mini4498108----
MFM47Multi Functional Mini4797108----
MFM50Multi Functional Mini5095108----
MFM76Multi Functional Mini7682108----
MFM90Multi Functional Mini9075108----
MFM100Multi Functional Mini10070108----
MFT38/346BAMulti Functional Hanger38154121312.
MFT38/404BAMulti Functional Hanger38183181519.
MFT38/504BAMulti Functional Hanger38233282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT44/346BAMulti Functional Hanger44151121312.
MFT44/404BAMulti Functional Hanger44180181519.
MFT44/504BAMulti Functional Hanger44230282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT47/346BAMulti Functional Hanger47150121312.
MFT47/404BAMulti Functional Hanger47179181519.
MFT47/504BAMulti Functional Hanger47229282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT50/346BAMulti Functional Hanger50150121312.
MFT50/404BAMulti Functional Hanger50179181519.
MFT50/504BAMulti Functional Hanger50229282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT63/346BAMulti Functional Hanger63142121312.
MFT63/404BAMulti Functional Hanger63170181519.
MFT63/504BAMulti Functional Hanger63220282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT76/346BAMulti Functional Hanger76135121312.
MFT76/404BAMulti Functional Hanger76164181519.
MFT76/504BAMulti Functional Hanger76214282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT90/346BAMulti Functional Hanger90128121312.
MFT90/404BAMulti Functional Hanger90157181519.
MFT90/504BAMulti Functional Hanger90207282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT100/346BAMulti Functional Hanger100123121312.
MFT100/404BAMulti Functional Hanger100152181519.
MFT100/504BAMulti Functional Hanger100202282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT125/346BAMulti Functional Hanger125110121312.
MFT125/404BAMulti Functional Hanger125140181519.
MFT125/504BAMulti Functional Hanger125190282125.112.5511.9510.45
MFT150/346BAMulti Functional Hanger15098121312.
MFT150/404BAMulti Functional Hanger150127181519.
MFT150/504BAMulti Functional Hanger150177282125.112.5511.9510.45
• Location tabs aid fast accurate alignment of the hanger.
• M12 bolt Holes.
• 85mm bearing.
• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.
• 1.2mm thick

• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.
• Tested by CERAM Research Ltd Notification Body No.1289.
• 2mm thick

• All holes should be nailed using 30 x 3.75 square twist nails or equivalent, for stainless steel products use 30 x 3.75 stainless steel annular ring shank nails.
• Use appropriate fixings.
• Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used, i.e. do not use galvanised fixings with stainless steel products or vice versa.