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Masonry Return Joist Hangers

Masonry Return Joist Hangers


The FHMR and WR Joist Hangers are designed for similar applications and installation as the standard Masonry Joist Hangers FHM & WM. The return adds additional lateral support by wrapping around the back of the masonry or timber. The FHMR and WR have a 25mm drop on the return flange as standard but many specials and variations can be made to order.

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CodeProductCharacteristic Value (kN) for Eurocode 6Safe Working Load for BS5268 (kN)
Pre Galvanised Steel - 2.4mm
FHMRFHMR Masonry Return Hanger9.75.4
• No welds
• FHM Hangers 150mm and above are manufactured 10mm less to allow for notching and regularised timber.
• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z600.
• Manufactured to EN 845-1:2013.
• Where appropriate tested by CERAM Research Ltd Notification Body No.1289.
• FHMR are available in 47mm and 50mm wide.

• The back plate of the hanger should lie flat against the vertical masonry support.
• Masonry flange should have a minimum of 3 courses (675mm masonry) above.
• Both supporting and above masonry should be allowed to mature before any load is applied.
• Joist should be square cut and sit tight to the back of the hanger - maximum gap permitted is 6mm.
• Nail the side flanges with 30 x 3.75mm galvanised square twist nails or equivalent.
• To provide lateral restraint HD Straps should be used.
• The ‘masonry’ flange should always be securely fixed or adequately embedded and should never be placed in dry slots.
• Use appropriate fixings.
• Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used, i.e. do not use galvanised fixings with stainless steel products or vice versa.
• Use correct strength mortar as per British Standard.