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I Joist Hangers

I Joist Hanger


An innovative backer free Joist Hanger that incorporates a number of unique design features. The TECO TIJ range of timber to timber hangers suit solid engineered wood products as well as I-Joists, and is engineered to combine maximum load carrying capacity with easy 'hands free' site installation, at minimum cost. Protected by Patent Pending and design registration, this unique product is independently tested in accordance with ETAG 015 and has load capacities which are independently qualified.

The TIJ I Joist Hanger is available in 2 different types;

TIJ-F Face fix version

TIJ-T Top fix version

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• Unique 'hands free' installation.
• Qualified for use with various nail types.
• Requires less nails.
• Face fix or top fix design.
• Enhanced load carrying option.
• Can be used on solid EWP or I-Joists.
• 0.7mm pre galvanised mild steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.

• All standard round holes should be filled with either 2.65 x 40mm or 2.8 x 40mm or 3.4 x 35mm ring-shank nails..... or 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails.
• Fill diamond shaped holes for enhanced installation to I-Joist with backer blocks or solid LVL or Glulam headers.
• The TIJ's unique 'hands free' design locates the hanger on I-Joist headers leaving the installer with both hands free for easier installation.