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Timber Master

Timber Master


Timber Master is a heavy duty fixing for both timber to timber and component to timber applications. It has been specifically designed for ease of use and speed of application when used with a power tool.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Head Type
Zinc Plated and Yellow Passivated
TMF08140Timber Master8140Flanged Head
TMF08180Timber Master8180Flanged Head
TMF08220Timber Master8220Flanged Head
TMF08300Timber Master8300Flanged Head
TMF10140Timber Master10140Flanged Head
TMF10180Timber Master10180Flanged Head
TMF10220Timber Master10220Flanged Head
TMF10300Timber Master10300Flanged Head
•Torx Drive for ease of use and speed with power drills.
•Under-head ribbing - self countersinking.
•Heat treated shank ensures maximum strength.
•Zinc & Yellow Passivated.

•Screw directly into timber, no pre drilling required.