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A range of Self Tapping Anchors for use in a variety of base materials. The self tapping action provides a positive anchorage in concrete, brick, stone and blocks.

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CodeProductLength (mm)Drill Dia. (mm)Hole Depth Embedment (mm)Max Fixture Thickness (mm)Clearance Hole (Fixture)Driver Type
Zinc Plated and Yellow Passivated
TB05X75CSKThunderbolt CSK Head75510507T25 Torx Bit
TB06X50CSKThunderbolt CSK Head50610208T30 Torx Bit
TB06X75CSKThunderbolt CSK Head75610458T30 Torx Bit
TB06X100CSKThunderbolt CSK Head100610558T30 Torx Bit
TB05X50FLANGEThunderbolt Flange Head5051025710mm A/F
TB06X50FLANGEThunderbolt Flange Head5061020810mm A/F
TB06X75FLANGEThunderbolt Flange Head7561045810mm A/F
TB06X100FLANGEThunderbolt Flange Head10061055810mm A/F
TB08X60HEXThunderbolt Hex Head60815201015mm A/F
TB08X75HEXThunderbolt Hex Head75815351015mm A/F
TB08X100HEXThunderbolt Hex Head100815601015mm A/F
TB08X150HEXThunderbolt Hex Head1508151101015mm A/F
TB10X60HEXThunderbolt Hex Head601020101217mm A/F
TB10X75HEXThunderbolt Hex Head751020251217mm A/F
TB10X100HEXThunderbolt Hex Head1001020501217mm A/F
TB10X150HEXThunderbolt Hex Head15010201001217mm A/F
TB12X100HEXThunderbolt Hex Head1001225401419mm A/F
TB12X150HEXThunderbolt Hex Head1501225901419mm A/F
• Thunderbolts have three head types; Countersunk, Flanged or Hexagon.
• Zinc & Yellow Passivated.

• See tables for drill diameter.
• Please refer to literature sheets for details of installation.