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Square Twist Nails

Square Twist Nails


Square Twist Nails are ideal for fixing Joist Hangers. The twisted shank gives greater pull out values than a standard round wire nail. Available in two lengths, 30mm and 40mm.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Pack Qty.
N5GSTG30Sq. Twist Nails3.7530500g Bag
NKG30X3.75Sq. Twist Nails3.75301Kg Bag
NKG40X3.75Sq. Twist Nails3.75401Kg Bag
NBOX30X3.75Sq. Twist Nails3.753025Kg Box
NBOX40X3.75Sq. Twist Nails3.754025Kg Box
• Galvanised.

• Approx. 400 nails per kilo in 30x3.75 bag.
• Approx. 360 nails per kilo in 40x3.75 bag.

• Nail directly in timber.