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Square Plate Washers

Square Plate Washers


Square Plate Washers available in bright zinc plated, heavy duty hot dipped spun galvanised or stainless steel. Suitable for a variety of applications where a heavy washer is required.

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CodeProductHole Size
Product Dimensions (mm)
Bright Zinc Plated (BZP)
WSQPBZPM10Sq. Plate Washer BZPM1050 x 503
WSQPBZPM12Sq. Plate Washer BZPM1250 x 503
WSQPBZPM16Sq. Plate Washer BZPM1650 x 503
WSQPBZPM20Sq. Plate Washer BZPM2050 x 503
Hot Dipped Galvanised
WSQPGM10X50X3Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1050 x 503
WSQPGM10X50X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1050 x 505
WSQPGM10X60X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1060 x 605
WSQPGM12X50X3Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1250 x 503
WSQPGM12X50X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1250 x 505
WSQPGM12X60X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1260 x 605
WSQPGM12X75X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1275 x 755
WSQPGM12X100X6Sq. Plate Washer GalvM12100 x 1006
WSQPGM16X50X3Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1650 x 503
WSQPGM16X50X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1650 x 505
WSQPGM16X60X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1660 x 605
WSQPGM16X75X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM1675 x 755
WSQPGM20X50X3Sq. Plate Washer GalvM2050 x 503
WSQPGM20X50X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM2050 x 505
WSQPGM20X60X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM2060 x 605
WSQPGM20X75X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM2075 x 755
WSQPGM20X100X6Sq. Plate Washer GalvM20100 x 1006
WSQPGM24X75X5Sq. Plate Washer GalvM2475 x 755
WSQPGM24X100X6Sq. Plate Washer GalvM24100 x 1006
Stainless Steel
WSQPSSM10Sq. Plate Washer StainlessM1050 x 503
WSQPSSM12Sq. Plate Washer StainlessM1250 x 503
WSQPSSM16Sq. Plate Washer StainlessM1650 x 503
• Available in three finishes.
• Bright zinc plated.

• Hot dipped spun galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009.

• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.

• Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant nuts & washers are used, i.e. do not use galvanised nuts & washers with stainless steel studding or vice versa.