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CSK Socket Screws

Socket Screws


A Heavy Duty Galvanised Socket Countersunk Screw to give a high tensile grade 10.9 flush finish. Supplied complete with a galvanised hexagon full nut.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Hot Dipped Spun Galvanised
CSKSGM8X25CSK SocketM825
CSKSGM8X30CSK SocketM830
CSKSGM8X35CSK SocketM835
CSKSGM8X40CSK SocketM840
CSKSGM8X45CSK SocketM845
CSKSGM8X50CSK SocketM850
CSKSGM10X25CSK SocketM1025
CSKSGM10X30CSK SocketM1030
CSKSGM10X35CSK SocketM1035
CSKSGM10X40CSK SocketM1040
CSKSGM10X45CSK SocketM1045
CSKSGM10X50CSK SocketM1050
CSKSGM10X55CSK SocketM1055
CSKSGM10X60CSK SocketM1060
CSKSGM12X25CSK SocketM1225
CSKSGM12X30CSK SocketM1230
CSKSGM12X35CSK SocketM1235
CSKSGM12X40CSK SocketM1240
CSKSGM12X45CSK SocketM1245
CSKSGM12X50CSK SocketM1250
CSKSGM12X55CSK SocketM1255
CSKSGM12X60CSK SocketM1260
CSKSGM16X30CSK SocketM1630
CSKSGM16X35CSK SocketM1635
CSKSGM16X40CSK SocketM1640
CSKSGM16X45CSK SocketM1645
CSKSGM16X50CSK SocketM1650
CSKSGM16X55CSK SocketM1655
CSKSGM16X60CSK SocketM1660
CSKSGM20X40CSK SocketM2040
CSKSGM20X45CSK SocketM2045
CSKSGM20X50CSK SocketM2050
CSKSGM20X55CSK SocketM2055
CSKSGM20X60CSK SocketM2060
•Gives a high tensile 10.9 flush finish.
•Hot dipped spun galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009.

•Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant nuts & washers are used, i.e. do not use galvanised nuts & washers with stainless steel studding or vice versa.