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Self Drilling Screws

Self Drilling Screws


Self Drilling Screws for fixing to steel.

MFH - Metalfix for Steel to Steel applications. Hexagon Head.

WFH - Woodfix for Timber to Steel applications. Countersunk Head, Phillips No.3 Drive.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Thread Dia.Length
Point Type (mm)Steel Thickness (mm)Max. Fixture Thickness (mm)
Zinc Plated
MFH55022Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.52243.0-6.05
MFH55032Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.53254.0-12.55
MFH55040Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.54054.0-12.513
MFH55050Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.55054.0-12.523
MFH55060Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.56054.0-12.533
MFH55070Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.57054.0-12.543
MFH55080Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.58054.0-12.553
MFH550100Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.510054.0-12.570
MFH550120Metalfix Self Drilling Screw5.512054.0-12.590
Zinc Plated
WFH55040Woodfix Self Drilling Screw5.54031.2-3.022
WFH55050Woodfix Self Drilling Screw5.55054.0-12.523
WFH55060Woodfix Self Drilling Screw5.56054.0-12.533
WFH55070Woodfix Self Drilling Screw5.57054.0-12.543
WFH55085Woodfix Self Drilling Screw5.58554.0-12.558
WFH55110Woodfix Self Drilling Screw5.510954.0-12.582
WFH55120Woodfix Self Drilling Screw5.512054.0-12.592
• Self drilling.
• Zinc plated.

• Zinc plated.

• Screw directly into steel using a small pilot hole if required.