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Heavy Round Washers

Heavy Round Washers


Large diameter washers for heavy applications. M20 x 60 x 5 available in bright zinc plated, all other sizes gGalvanised. stainless steel to order.

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CodeProductHole Size
Product Dimensions (mm)
Bright Zinc Plated
WRDBZPM20X60X5Round WasherM20605
Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanised
WRDGM8X36X3Round WasherM8363
WRDGM10X36X3Round WasherM10363
WRDGM10X50X3Round WasherM10503
WRDGM10X50X5Round WasherM10505
WRDGM10X60X5Round WasherM10605
WRDGM12X36X3Round WasherM12363
WRDGM12X50X3Round WasherM12503
WRDGM12X50X5Round WasherM12505
WRDGM12X60X5Round WasherM12605
WRDGM12X75X5Round WasherM12755
WRDGM16X36X3Round WasherM16363
WRDGM16X50X10Round WasherM165010
WRDGM16X50X3Round WasherM16503
WRDGM16X50X5Round WasherM16505
WRDGM16X60X5Round WasherM16605
WRDGM16X75X5Round WasherM16755
WRDGM16X75X10Round WasherM167510
WRDGM20X50X3Round WasherM20503
WRDGM20X50X5Round WasherM20505
WRDGM20X50X10Round WasherM205010
WRDGM20X60X5Round WasherM20605
WRDGM20X75X5Round WasherM20755
WRDGM20X75X10Round WasherM207510
WRDGM24X50X10Round WasherM245010
WRDGM24X75X5Round WasherM24755
WRDGM24X75X10Round WasherM247510
• Large diameter.
• Hot dipped spun galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009.
• Bright Zinc Plated.

• Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant nuts & washers are used, i.e. do not use galvanised nuts & washers with stainless steel studding or vice versa.