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Coach Screws

Coach Screws


Coach Screws have a course single thread allowing more bite than a standard screw. Used for connecting steel to timber and timber to timber where access on the reverse side is restricted.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Bright Zinc Plated (BZP)
CSBZPM8X35Coach Screw BZPM835
CSBZPM8X50Coach Screw BZPM850
CSBZPM8X75Coach Screw BZPM875
CSBZPM8X100Coach Screw BZPM8100
CSBZPM10X50Coach Screw BZPM1050
CSBZPM10X65Coach Screw BZPM1065
CSBZPM10X75Coach Screw BZPM1075
CSBZPM10X100Coach Screw BZPM10100
CSBZPM10X120Coach Screw BZPM10120
CSBZPM10X130Coach Screw BZPM10130
CSBZPM10X150Coach Screw BZPM10150
CSBZPM10X200Coach Screw BZPM10200
CSBZPM12X75Coach Screw BZPM1275
CSBZPM12X100Coach Screw BZPM12100
CSBZPM12X120Coach Screw BZPM12120
CSBZPM12X130Coach Screw BZPM12130
CSBZPM12X150Coach Screw BZPM12150
CSG1/4X11/2Coach ScrewM640
CSG1/4X2Coach ScrewM650
CSG1/4X21/4Coach ScrewM655
CSG1/4X21/2Coach ScrewM665
CSG1/4X3Coach ScrewM675
CSG1/4X31/2Coach ScrewM690
CSG1/4X4Coach ScrewM6100
CSG1/4X5Coach ScrewM6120
CSG5/16X11/2Coach ScrewM840
CSG5/16X13/4Coach ScrewM845
CSG5/16X2Coach ScrewM850
CSG5/16X21/2Coach ScrewM865
CSG5/16X3Coach ScrewM875
CSG5/16X31/2Coach ScrewM890
CSG5/16X4Coach ScrewM8100
CSG5/16X41/2Coach ScrewM8110
CSG5/16X5Coach ScrewM8120
CSG5/16X6Coach ScrewM8150
CSG3/8X1Coach ScrewM1025
CSG3/8X11/4Coach ScrewM1030
CSG3/8X11/2Coach ScrewM1040
CSG3/8X2Coach ScrewM1050
CSG3/8X21/2Coach ScrewM1065
CSG3/8X3Coach ScrewM1075
CSG3/8X31/2Coach ScrewM1090
CSG3/8X4Coach ScrewM10100
CSG3/8X41/2Coach ScrewM10110
CSG3/8X5Coach ScrewM10120
CSG3/8X6Coach ScrewM10150
CSG1/2X11/2Coach ScrewM1240
CSG1/2X2Coach ScrewM1250
CSG1/2X21/4Coach ScrewM1255
CSG1/2X21/2Coach ScrewM1265
CSG1/2X3Coach ScrewM1275
CSG1/2X31/2Coach ScrewM1290
CSG1/2X4Coach ScrewM12100
CSG1/2X5Coach ScrewM12120
CSG1/2X6Coach ScrewM12150
CSG1/2X8Coach ScrewM12200
CSG5/8X10Coach ScrewM16250
CSG5/8X3Coach ScrewM1675
CSG5/8X4Coach ScrewM16100
CSG5/8X5Coach ScrewM16120
CSG5/8X6Coach ScrewM16150
CSG5/8X8Coach ScrewM16200
CSG3/4X10Coach ScrewM20250
CSG3/4X3Coach ScrewM2075
CSG3/4X4Coach ScrewM20100
CSG3/4X5Coach ScrewM20120
CSG3/4X6Coach ScrewM20150
CSG3/4X8Coach ScrewM20200
• Hexagonal headed bright zinc plated or hot dipped spun galvanised (galvanised Coach Screws may be supplied Imperial Square Head or Metric Hex Head, please contact us for details).
• Stainless steel available to order.
• Bright zinc plated.

• Hot dipped spun galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009.

• Screw directly into timber using a small pilot hole if required.