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Coach Bolts

Coach Bolts


Cup Square Hex Bolts are also referred to as Coach Bolts or Carriage Bolts. They have a dome head with a square underneath for locking into the timber. 

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Bright Zinc Plated (BZP)
CSHBZPM6X25Coach BoltM625
CSHBZPM6X40Coach BoltM640
CSHBZPM6X50Coach BoltM650
CSHBZPM6X65Coach BoltM665
CSHBZPM6X75Coach BoltM675
CSHBZPM6X100Coach BoltM6100
CSHBZPM8X40Coach BoltM840
CSHBZPM8X50Coach BoltM850
CSHBZPM8X65Coach BoltM865
CSHBZPM8X75Coach BoltM875
CSHBZPM8X100Coach BoltM8100
CSHBZPM8X110Coach BoltM8110
CSHBZPM8X130Coach BoltM8130
CSHBZPM8X150Coach BoltM8150
CSHBZPM10X65Coach BoltM1065
CSHBZPM10X75Coach BoltM1075
CSHBZPM10X100Coach BoltM10100
CSHBZPM10X110Coach BoltM10110
CSHBZPM10X130Coach BoltM10130
CSHBZPM10X150Coach BoltM10150
CSHBZPM10X180Coach BoltM10180
CSHBZPM10X200Coach BoltM10200
CSHBZPM10X220Coach BoltM10220
CSHBZPM10X240Coach BoltM10240
CSHBZPM12X75Coach BoltM1275
CSHBZPM12X100Coach BoltM12100
CSHBZPM12X110Coach BoltM12110
CSHBZPM12X130Coach BoltM12130
CSHBZPM12X150Coach BoltM12150
CSHBZPM12X180Coach BoltM12180
CSHBZPM12X200Coach BoltM12200
CSHBZPM12X220Coach BoltM12220
CSHBZPM12X240Coach BoltM12240
CSHBZPM12X260Coach BoltM12260
CSHBZPM12X280Coach BoltM12280
CSHGM8X25Coach BoltM825
CSHGM8X30Coach BoltM830
CSHGM8X35Coach BoltM835
CSHGM8X40Coach BoltM840
CSHGM8X45Coach BoltM845
CSHGM8X50Coach BoltM850
CSHGM8X55Coach BoltM855
CSHGM8X60Coach BoltM860
CSHGM8X65Coach BoltM865
CSHGM8X70Coach BoltM870
CSHGM8X75Coach BoltM875
CSHGM8X80Coach BoltM880
CSHGM8X90Coach BoltM890
CSHGM8X100Coach BoltM8100
CSHGM8X110Coach BoltM8110
CSHGM8X130Coach BoltM8130
CSHGM8X140Coach BoltM8140
CSHGM8X150Coach BoltM8150
CSHGM8X160Coach BoltM8160
CSHGM8X180Coach BoltM8180
CSHGM8X200Coach BoltM8200
CSHGM10X25Coach BoltM1025
CSHGM10X30Coach BoltM1030
CSHGM10X35Coach BoltM1035
CSHGM10X40Coach BoltM1040
CSHGM10X45Coach BoltM1045
CSHGM10X50Coach BoltM1050
CSHGM10X55Coach BoltM1055
CSHGM10X60Coach BoltM1060
CSHGM10X65Coach BoltM1065
CSHGM10X70Coach BoltM1070
CSHGM10X75Coach BoltM1075
CSHGM10X80Coach BoltM1080
CSHGM10X90Coach BoltM1090
CSHGM10X100Coach BoltM10100
CSHGM10X110Coach BoltM10110
CSHGM10X120Coach BoltM10120
CSHGM10X130Coach BoltM10130
CSHGM10X140Coach BoltM10140
CSHGM10X150Coach BoltM10150
CSHGM10X160Coach BoltM10160
CSHGM10X180Coach BoltM10180
CSHGM10X200Coach BoltM10200
CSHGM10X220Coach BoltM10220
CSHGM10X230Coach BoltM10230
CSHGM10X240Coach BoltM10240
CSHGM10X260Coach BoltM10260
CSHGM10X280Coach BoltM10280
CSHGM10X300Coach BoltM10300
CSHGM12X30Coach BoltM1230
CSHGM12X40Coach BoltM1240
CSHGM12X45Coach BoltM1245
CSHGM12X50Coach BoltM1250
CSHGM12X55Coach BoltM1255
CSHGM12X60Coach BoltM1260
CSHGM12X65Coach BoltM1265
CSHGM12X70Coach BoltM1270
CSHGM12X75Coach BoltM1275
CSHGM12X80Coach BoltM1280
CSHGM12X90Coach BoltM1290
CSHGM12X100Coach BoltM12100
CSHGM12X110Coach BoltM12110
CSHGM12X120Coach BoltM12120
CSHGM12X130Coach BoltM12130
CSHGM12X140Coach BoltM12140
CSHGM12X150Coach BoltM12150
CSHGM12X160Coach BoltM12160
CSHGM12X180Coach BoltM12180
CSHGM12X200Coach BoltM12200
CSHGM12X220Coach BoltM12220
CSHGM12X230Coach BoltM12230
CSHGM12X240Coach BoltM12240
CSHGM12X260Coach BoltM12260
CSHGM12X280Coach BoltM12280
CSHGM12X300Coach BoltM12300
• Supplied complete with a hexagon full nut to suit.
• Available in Bright Zinc Plated, Galvanised and Stainless Steel to order.
• Bright Zinc Plated.

• Hot dipped spun galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009.

•Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant nuts & washers are used, i.e. do not use galvanised nuts & washers with stainless steel studding or vice versa.