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Anker Bolts

Anker Bolts


A range of Self Tapping Anchors for use in a variety of base materials. The self tapping action provides a positive anchorage in concrete, brick, stone and blocks.

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CodeProductDrill Dia. (mm)Anchor Length (mm)Max Fixture Thickness (mm)Min Hole Depth (mm)Driver Type
Zinc Plated and Clear Passivated
JAB08030Anker Bolt - Hex Head830~5515mm A/F
JAB08075Anker Bolt - Hex Head875355515mm A/F
JAB08100Anker Bolt - Hex Head8100605515mm A/F
JAB10100Anker Bolt - Hex Head10100507017mm A/F
JAB10150Anker Bolt - Hex Head101501007017mm A/F
JAB12075Anker Bolt - Hex Head1275158519mm A/F
JAB12100Anker Bolt - Hex Head12100408519mm A/F
JAB12150Anker Bolt - Hex Head12150908519mm A/F
• Hex Head.
• Zinc and clear passivated.

• See tables for drill diameter.
• Please refer to literature sheets for details of installation.