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Angle Brackets

Angle Brackets

AB, CB, HRR & SP40

General purpose brackets for all applications where one member crosses another or one member is trimmed into another. A full range of sizes and finishes are available to suit all applications.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Number of Fixing Holes per Bracket
3.756mmM8M10M10 Slots
Pre Galvanised Steel
ABLDAngle Bracket2850 x 502.4-4---
AB50Angle Bracket6250 x 502119--2
AB60Angle Bracket6260 x 402137--2
AB90Angle Bracket6290 x 90215-432
AB150/90Angle Bracket62150 x 90219-533
AB150Angle Bracket62150 x 150223-634
Stainless Steel
ABLDSSAngle Bracket2850 x 502.4-4---
ABSS50Angle Bracket6250 x 502119--2
ABSS60Angle Bracket6260 x 402137--2
ABSS90Angle Bracket6290 x 90215-432
ABSS150/90Angle Bracket62150 x 90219-633
ABSS150Angle Bracket62150 x 150219-533
HHRHand Rail Bracket kit2850 x 502.4-4---
Product Dimensions (mm)
Suitable for screws only
4mm Screw5mm Screw4mm Slot
Zinc & Yellow Passivated
CB50Corner Brace1650 x 501.54--
CB75Corner Brace1775 x 751.54--
CB100Corner Brace22100 x 1002-66
CB150Corner Brace26150 x 1502.5-66
SP40Stretchure Plate3927 x 271.82-2
• Ideal for connecting Hand Rails in Galvanised and Stainless Steel for outdoor use.
• The HHR comes in a kit form, 4 No. Brackets complete with stainless steel screws.

AB90, AB150/90, AB150
• Heavy duty brackets with strengthening ribs on bend to give added rigidity.

• Countersunk holes for a flush finish.
• Designed to aid easy installation of cabinets and worktops.
• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51DZ275
• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.

CB & SP40
• Zinc & yellow passivated.

* Angle Bracket Hole Spacing diagrams can be seen on the attached product literature above.

• Use appropriate fixings.
• Always ensure that compatible corrosion resistant fixings are used, i.e. do not use galvanised fixings with stainless steel products or vice versa.

* Angle Bracket Hole Spacing diagrams can be seen on the attached product literature above.