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Ladder Mesh (Brick Span)

Ladder Mesh


Ladder Mesh (Brick Span) is a welded ladder type Bed Joint Reinforcement generally used as a structural product, also ideal for crack control. Available in stainless steel grade 304 BS EN 1.4301 and in numerous widths to suit any brick and block thickness. Ladder Mesh Masonry Reinforcement conforms to BS EN 845-3:2003+A1:2008.

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Product Dimensions
Main WireWidth
Wall Width (mm)
Stainless Steel - 3mm Wire
LMS360Ladder Mesh Stainless360100
LMS3100Ladder Mesh Stainless3100140
LMS3150Ladder Mesh Stainless3150190
LMS3160Ladder Mesh Stainless3160200
LMS3175Ladder Mesh Stainless3175215
Stainless Steel - 4mm Equivalent Flattened Wire
LMS460Ladder Mesh Stainless460100
LMS4100Ladder Mesh Stainless4100140
LMS4150Ladder Mesh Stainless4150190
LMS4160Ladder Mesh Stainless4160200
LMS4175Ladder Mesh Stainless4175215
Stainless Steel - 5mm Equivalent Flattened Wire
LMS560Ladder Mesh Stainless560100
LMS5100Ladder Mesh Stainless5100140
LMS5150Ladder Mesh Stainless5150190
LMS5160Ladder Mesh Stainless5160200
LMS5175Ladder Mesh Stainless5175215
• Three diameters of main wire available.
• 2.5mm diameter cross wire at 450mm centres.
• 2700mm long.
• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.

• Please refer to literature sheets for details of installation.