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Expanded Metal Lath Coil

Expanded Metal Lath Coil


Coiled Mesh Lath is produced for brick and block work reinforcement. Primarily usage is to prevent cracking.

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Product Dimensions
Width (mm)Length (m)
EMLG63EML Galv6320
EMLG100EML Galv10020
EMLG175EML Galv17520
EMLG225EML Galv22520
EMLG305EML Galv30520
Stainless Steel
EMLS63EML Stainless6320
EMLS100EML Stainless10020
SMLS175EML Stainless17520
EMLS225EML Stainless22520
• Galvanised steel EN 10346 DX51D Z275.

• Grade 1.4301 austenitic stainless steel to EN 10088-2.

• Overlap by a minimum of 75mm when joining two lengths together.
• Stainless steel should be used for external work or in damp conditions.
• Gloves should be worn as edges will be sharp.