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Corner Tape

Corner Tape


Corner Tape is designed for finishing inside and outside drywall corners and is also suitable for construction repair work. The flexible steel backing fits any angle where traditional beading cannot be used and can easily cut to any length for minimum wastage. It is applied by using standard jointing compound. No nails or special tools are required. Corner Tape is made by bonding two corrosion resistant metal strips to paper jointing tape. It is very safe to use as there are no sharp edges compare to conventional beads.

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Joist size (mm)Number of nails (30 x 3.75)Characteristic
Value (kN) for
Eurocode 5
Safe Working Load for BS5268 (kN)
Short TermMedium TermLong Term
CTCorner Tape
• Paper Jointing tape with two metal corrosion resistant strips.

• Apply using standard joining compound.