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Alkaline Resistant Render Mesh

Alkaline Resistant Render Mesh


A reinforcing mesh which is made from woven fibre-glass yarns and coated with an alkaline resistant latex. This coating prevents the alkaline present in cements from degrading the glass fiibre, resulting in reduced strength. 

The mesh is ideal for us in construction and is mainly used to reinforce concrete, cement, screeds, renders and plasters.

It is an ideal reinforcement for render, even where cracking can be seen and allows previously uneven masonry substrate to be rendered. 

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Product Dimensions
Width (m)Length (m)Mesh size (mm)
Colour: Pink or White
ARRMAlkaline Resistant Render Mesh1504 x 4
•Coated with Alkaline resistant latex.

•The majority of manufacturers recommend the placement of meshes to be within the first 50% of the render / plaster depth. In general, the nearer the mesh to the substrate, the better.

•Store rolls in a cool, dry location, away from direct contact with the ground or concrete, out of direct sunlight. Protect rolls from weather and other damage. Store individual rolls or roll cases on end.