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NEW PRODUCT - The Ron Sammons Restraint Strap


We’re delighted to announce that we have launched The Ron Sammons (TRS) Restraint Strap.

The TRS is patent pending and perfectly highlights our continuous innovation from our beginnings in 1979 right through to the present day.

TRS | TECO Building Products

TRS Restraint Strap

The TRS has been designed for ease of use and is our latest innovation that sees it outperform traditional straps in terms of structural strength whilst using less steel. As always, we’ve ensured that we have engineered a product that has been designed with the builder in mind.


Let’s keep it simple:

• Lightweight design makes it easy to handle
• No need to notch joists making it easier and quicker to install
• Easier to build into brickwork courses
• More cost effective when compared the traditional Heavy Duty Strap and Heavy Edge Rolled Strap
• One design for both horizontal and vertical applications
• Less steel than a traditional strap but greater structural strength Find out more

TRS | TECO Building Products

Available to buy soon 

Our new product has passed all its tests and will be available to buy soon. For full details on product sizes and performance are available here. Alternatively, sign up to this mailing list today to be alerted when it becomes available or contact us for more information.

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