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SkillBuilder reviews TECO Split Rings


Roger Bisby aka Skill Builder kindly reviewed our Split Rings which are designed for heavy shear loads in timber to timber connections.

The Split Ring with the bevelled inside and outside face makes it easier to insert in the pre-cut grooves and also gives greater load capacity.

Our Split Rings are available in three finishes, BZP, galvanised & stainless steel (stainless steel Split Rings may have parallel sides). Split Rings are used primarily in the assembly of clear spans ranging from 20' to 250' and are available in 2 1/2" and 4" diameters. They are placed in specially made groove in overlapping members, and thus, the rings develop maximum strength in the joints by distributing the stress over a greater area.

The special wedge shape of the ring section provides maximum tolerance for easy insertion, at the same time insuring a tight-fitting joint when the ring is fully inserted in the conforming groove. Generally, the 2 1/2" diameter ring is used for lighter trusses and trussed rafters utilizing 2" lumber; the 4" diameter ring is used for heavier trusses using 3" and heavier material.

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