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The lowdown on our Joist Hangers


Think Joist Hangers! Think TECO!

We’re a British manufacturer of builders’ metalwork and arguably our most commonly sought after products are our range of timber to timber and timber to masonry joist hangers. Throughout our entire range of builders’ metalwork, we innovate to ensure that they have been designed with the builder in mind. Here are a few of our joist hangers that are available:

Designed with the builder in mind | TECO Building Products

Woody No Tag

First up we have the Woody No Tag Joist Hanger. Now if you’ve looked at any of our content or website before you might know that we’re especially proud of this hanger. Mainly this is due to the fact that we have engineered this product to save time and money. How? Well, our Woody No Tag has only 23 holes instead of our competitors’ versions such as Simpson Strong Tie that have 30, 36 or even 38 holes. Of course this means faster installation and less nails required for the end user!

Long Leg

Up next is the Long Leg Joist Hanger. Due to its superior design, it does not require wide straps making them easier to install on site. Additionally, our version offers far greater load carrying capabilities than other leading brands. In other words, you need look no further than our Long Leg when undertaking that loft conversion.


With the previous two hangers offering timber to timber fixings, our FHM joist hanger offers support for timber joists built into brick or block walls. Our FHM is a single piece hanger and therefore has no welds and can be easily transformed into a hook over joist hanger using the unique FHM lock plates. No special tools or rivets are required just insert the lock plate at 90 degrees, rotate and tap into place.

More information

If you want more information on these and the rest of our joist hangers, then visit that section of our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact our friendly sales team who are on hand to help you with any queries or questions you may have!

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