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Investing in people


Every business in one way or another will look to grow whether that be looking in depth at indicators such as sales or profit margins and looking for quick fixes.

Although that is completely acceptable and if you can find quick wins then go for it. However, we’ve also taken a longer term approach and asked the question how can we improve ourselves?

Personal excellence and continuous self-improvement are very important to us so we like to invest in the people that make us tick. By offering our employees the opportunity to improve themselves through training courses, we’re continually educating our workforce. We believe this approach is beneficial to our continued and sustained growth.

How do we do it?

You may be asking well that’s all great but exactly what are you doing? We hear you! So here is what we’ve been up to improve ourselves. Of course starting with the engineering side, we look for improvement so that we can continually innovate and manufacture quality products that have been designed with the builder in mind. An example of this is Adam and Keyo, working on a Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering qualification.

Away from the manufacturing itself, we don’t neglect our other employees and we look to improve their respective skill sets in any way we can. For example, members of our sales team have been working hard on an administration course. Additionally, we sent two of our team members to a training day where they learnt about company culture and approach to customers.

Here are our walls full of certificates…

The future

As we continue into the future, we hope that by investing in our people then we will be better equipped to face any challenges that lay ahead but also to work towards our core value of continued innovation.

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