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Company culture: Why it's important regardless of industry


You’ve probably all seen the slides at Google’s offices or the garden type set up at Innocent and thought that would be fun or if you’re of a different mindset what a waste of time!

Anyway, regardless of your opinion these efforts have been made to create a company culture that improves the working environment, how the business interacts externally and can shape recruitment moving forward.

Company Culture | TECO Building Products

What is it?

We like to define it as the way we shape how we behave and interact with one another, which we then translates across into how we deal with our valued customers and suppliers.

Why is it important?

The workplace is changing with more and more millennials (people born between approximately early 80s and late 90s) in the workplace who value different aspects of working life to older generations.

As such it has brought the idea of company culture into a sharper focus with aspects such as job flexibility, company values, meaning and professional development become more prevalent. Consequently, ensuring that a culture is in place that suits all your employees whilst being aligned to their beliefs is vital to having a motivated and engaged workforce.

What we’re doing?

For us, company culture is extremely important to us, which is why it’s one of our three key areas of innovation.

Here’s what we say: "Organisation – It’s important for us to have a great working environment where we value respect, integrity, personal excellence and continuous self-improvement as it enhances our engineering ability and great customer service.”

Although you may think culture is irrelevant to a manufacturing company, we assure you it’s not. We still need to have a meaning behind what we’re doing otherwise we wouldn’t be able to grow. This is supported by our emphasis on personal excellence that is evidenced through our employees taking training courses.

Furthermore, our values have been decided by our employees, who have regular input including through a golden ticket initiative and a newsletter, which helps to create an environment where they are engaged and willing to speak up about anything. All of this helps us to continue our innovation in other two key areas of Engineering and Customers.

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