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We're a British Manufacturer and we love it


If you know us, then you know we’re a British manufacturer and that we love it! We have always felt that there are greater benefits to choosing and buying from British manufacturers as opposed to looking overseas.

Specifically, within the building and construction sector, we’d love builders’ merchants in the UK to look at placing an emphasis on purchasing products that have been manufactured in Britain. Despite concerns following the Brexit vote, financial conditions and other negative stories in the media including the steel industry, it is important to remember that Britain remains a huge manufacturing nation with over 2.6m employed in the sector. Here is why we believe British is best!

We're proud to be a British manufacturer | TECO Building Products

Design and innovation

As a consequence of being such a large manufacturing nation, UK manufacturers pride themselves and place an emphasis on research and development. We’re no different and we continually strive to push the boundaries in innovation and design, which leads to our high quality products. However, this point must not neglect the talented engineers that remain in the UK and oversee this work. In particular in Sussex, there is a desire to nurture the next generation and improve those already plying their trade. Again, we’re same and we’re always trying to improve the great talent we already have.

Cost and carbon footprint

Naturally, if you can locate a product in the UK that is equal to or better than the quality of a product from overseas you will then be able to lower your overall costs particularly through transportation, which is going to be a positive for any business. Significantly, lowering your import volume will also have a positive impact on your carbon footprint and any attempt to reduce this figure in today’s marketplace is always looked upon favourably.


After covering the often crucial sticking point of cost, merchants can also take advantage of increased flexibility and speed to market. Instead of potentially succumbing to complications from buying overseas, such as having to buy high levels of stock, items being delayed, not being able to provide your customers with the information they need or missing paperwork, buying from us means you can be more flexible, make swift changes or get a product into the marketplace quickly.

Our own UK manufacturers page

We’re so proud of our manufacturing roots that we have a page dedicated to it! We’re keen to support our British manufacturing and business friends, so if you would like to be featured on the page, then please get in contact with us today!

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