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The A-Z of Builders’ Metalwork and TECO


Read our A-Z of who we are and what we do!

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A – Angle Brackets – we have all angles covered with our brackets in a range of sizes

B – Bolts – our galvanised bolts are on the BA i360

Bolts and BAi360 | TECO Building Products

C – Connector Plates – Corner, Mending, Tee and Joining are available

D – Damp Proof Course - prevents ingress of external moisture. Suitable for brick, block, stone or concrete walls.

E – Expanded Metal Lath – available as a sheet or coil

F – Fencing – we stocked extensive range from Arris Rail Brackets to Fencing Clips

G – Girder Truss Shoes - for supporting Truss Rafters, fully adjustable for depths between 100 to 225mm

H – Helical Bar – stocked in 6mm and 8mm in 1m and 2m lengths

I – Innovation – our core value and we do so across three key areas of engineering, customers and organisation

 Innovation | TECO Building

J – Joist Hangers – a huge range innovative and time saving hangers are available

K – Knee Rail Straps – supplied flat or with one bend at 90º

L – Long Leg Hangers - Timber to timber joist hangers designed for use in Loft Conversions where the hanger extends below the support.

M – Mini Mesh - for internal thin-coat plaster application

N – Nails – use our nails with joist hangers

O – Organisation – one area of our innovation is our internal culture

P – Plasterboard Edge Bead - used to reinforce plasterboard edges by enclosing them in a protective steel enclosure.

Q – Query – any query you have we’re on hand to help

R – Rib Lath Sheet - for use on ceilings and partitions

S – Studding – available in BZP, Galvanised and Stainless Steel

T – The Ron Sammons Restraint Strap – our brand new patent pending strap!

The Ron Sammons Restraint Strap | TECO Building Products

U – Universal Cavity Closure - for eliminating damp and ‘cold bridging’ around doors, windows and sills.

V – Values – we have many values as part of internal culture including being helpful and approachable

W – Wallstarter Kits – our packaging comes with detailed installation information

X – X marks the spot – Find us at Wellington Road, Portslade, BN41 1DN

Y – You – helping YOU is what we do. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers

Z – Z-Clips - for fixing I-Joists or solid timber as noggings.

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