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Our Story

Ron Sammons

We have been manufacturing builders' metalwork including Timber Connectors and Joist Hangers in Brighton for over 35 years.

Ron Sammons Ltd. was founded by Ron Sammons in 1979. Ron began his career as an accountant but his true passion was always engineering so he took the leap of faith, relocated his young family to Sussex and began manufacturing Timber Connectors. From day one it was very much a family business with Ron's mum Greta running the office, Ron's dad Ronald helping with production, Ron's wife Doreen in charge of packing and despatch and the children earning their pocket money counting Timber Connectors in a shed at the bottom of the garden.

A lot has changed since 1979.

Ron Sammons Ltd. trade as TECO Building Products, a brand that is trusted for exceptional technical performance. We have developed a full range of Joist Hangers, Brackets and Connectors. To keep us competitive our factory operates high speed presses with sophisticated progression tools, all designed and built in house in our own bespoke toolroom facility. We employ a team of experienced engineers, managers and support staff, offering a friendly, reliable and consistent service.

We have gained a loyal customer base of respected merchants and distributors. We operate ISO9001 Quality Management and the humble Timber Connector, where it all started, is now CE marked and certified for Factory Production Control by BM TRADA.

However, some things remain the same.

Three generations of the Sammons family still work within the business. Ron can still be found in the tool room or on the factory floor working on his latest innovation. Ron's passion is still engineering and this same passion has been installed in the very heart of the company, that's why we take great pride in the products we manufacture and the fact we remain fully committed to being a true British manufacturer.